Judo was inspired by the principle of applying holds and leverage so one can use the attackers force against them.

Judo’s approach creates a digital-wrapper around the most valuable digital assets of the organization, providing the ability to stave off (hold) attackers. If they do attempt to hack the organization, the only satisfaction they might get is stumbling upon one encrypted piece of the sophisticated puzzle that is your data.

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Mike Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO

Mike has over 20 years of experience in technology startups and has led companies from inception through IPO. As a former CEO he oversaw multiple product launches and built a multi-hundred million sales pipeline. His background includes leading engineering, business development, finance, and operations teams, Mike served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Washington where he met Yoshi and Co-Founded Judo Security.

Prakash Nagpal, CMO & Head of Product

Prakash has over 20 years of experience in shaping B2B technology products, developing messaging and go-to-market strategies. He has successfully transformed product organizations and defined new products, led marketing to build over a $200M pipeline and manage M&A transactions. His domain expertise includes SaaS,, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, big data, networking and manufacturing.

Nena Golubovic, Investor Board Member

Nena is Director of Physical Sciences at IP Group, Inc. She has over 15 years of experience in technology commercialization, startup operations, and financing, Nena has led and participated in VC fund raising and transactions with an aggregate value of over $50 million. Nena serves as a board director and key advisor for Judo Security.

Adam Shostack, Advisory Board

Adam is a technologist, author, speaker, and game designer with an extensive background in cybersecurity. He is a member of the BlackHat Review Board, and helped create Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®). At Microsoft, he drove the Autorun fix into Windows Update, was the lead designer of the SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3 and created the “Elevation of Privilege” game. Adam is the author of “Threat Modeling: Designing for Security,” and co-author of “The New School of Information Security.”

Yoshi Kohno, Co-Founder and Inventor

Yoshi is Professor of Computer Science at University of Washington’s Computer Security and Privacy Lab. He focuses his research on cybersecurity, particularly in the context of cloud computing and consumer applications. Yoshi’s research resulted in the patented cybersecurity technology that underpins Judo Security’s core offerings, and he continues to serve as chief science advisor.


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We are always looking for individuals with a background in cloud native development and experience with secrets management. Even if we might not have an immediate need, we would like to have the opportunity to stay in touch as things change. Send a resume and note to careers@judosecurity.com


At Judo Security we understand that no company buys a point solution. We recognize that our solution must seamlessly integrate with a variety of solutions and made available through the avenue (channel) that customers are accustomed to purchasing through. Our goal is to allow our customers to use our solution regardless of the infrastructure they deploy and provide the flexibility for them to purchase through the avenue of their choice. We work with industry leaders in technology, infrastructure and solution delivery to meet customer needs. To learn more about how to partner with Judo Security contact us at partnerships@judosecurity.com

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